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Want to try your own upcycle projects? On this page, you will find ideas for all sorts of creative DIY project ideas. Every week, our editors scour the Internet, as well as the ideas submitted by our readers, and we post the most unique and interesting projects here. Some articles are simple “idea starters” and others come complete with step-by-step instructions. We hope these upcycle ideas will inspire you to try them yourself, or spin them into new ideas of your own!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
How To: Make a Monkey Bowl

That’s right, how to make a bowl from a barrel of monkeys. If you have some extra monkeys hanging around, you too could have this very bowl. I didn’t know I wanted a monkey bowl until I saw this picture and now I don’t know how I have made it this long without one. What am I going to do with mine? Keep bananas in it of course! Ginger over at Deep Fried Kudzu, has great step by step directions and pictures for making your very own …

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Thursday, February 17, 2011
How To: Make Seedling Pots

You can make your own seedling pots using empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. They are biodegradable and best of all, free! After a few warmer days in our part of the world, I am thinking spring. The seed catalogs arriving are only adding to my spring fever. I thought maybe I could get spring going a little faster if I started making my little seedling pots. Start with an empty tube. First, flatten the tube in one direction and crease the folds. Then flatten the …

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Friday, February 4, 2011
How To: Make a Girls Skirt From a Men’s Shirt

Men’s dress shirts are a great source of upcycled fabric. My husband usually wears out the elbows in his shirt and the rest of the material is in great shape. I made this twirly skirt from two of his shirts. It is basically just three loops of fabric sewed together with an elastic waist. Pretty easy for a novice seamstress such as myself. To salvage the fabric, use either scissors or a rotary cutter and cut along the seams at the back and sides of the shirts. I was …

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
How To: Make a Crayon Roll

Your little artist will love having his own crayon roll. Each crayon has its own little pocket which makes for easy clean-up. The rolls are portable and can easily fit into a purse or diaper bag. They are hard to find in stores, especially ones as cute these, but you can make your own with just basic sewing skills. A few months ago I saved a stack of clothes from the trash. I was at my parent’s house and my mom was about to toss …

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
How To: Make a Stick Horse

Look at this adorable Stick Horse! It is so cute and think of what a great toy it could be for either a girl or a boy. The really great thing about this horse is that it is made from an old pair of jeans. My new friend at ikat bag has a great tutorial to make one for your little cowgirl or boy here. She has a printable pattern and step by step instructions complete with pictures. If you do many crafts, you might already have most …

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
How To: Melt Your Own Crayons

New crayons get all of the love. Who wants to color with broken old blunt crayons? Not my kids! Here is a fun project for upcycling all of those broken crayons. This works great on a very hot and sunny day but can also be done inside with the help of an oven. Start by sorting out a pile of broken crayons. You can either mix and match or keep in similar color families. I like monochromatic so we made our crayons out of the “red family.” …

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Sunday, November 15, 2009
How to: Make Your Own Gift Bows

Show your family and friends your love of upcycling by decorating your gifts with these upcycled magazine bows. Start with a thin magazine or catalog. The kind that has stables in the middle instead of a glue binding. You can make two or three bows from each magazine depending on the number of staples. Open the magazine to the center and cut a strip the width of the magazine with the staple in the middle. It should look like this: Using a pencil, curl each strip toward …