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Friday, February 4, 2011
How To: Make a Girls Skirt From a Men’s Shirt

Men’s dress shirts are a great source of upcycled fabric. My husband usually wears out the elbows in his shirt and the rest of the material is in great shape. I made this twirly skirt from two of his shirts. It is basically just three loops of fabric sewed together with an elastic waist. Pretty easy for a novice seamstress such as myself. To salvage the fabric, use either scissors or a rotary cutter and cut along the seams at the back and sides of the shirts. I was …

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Monday, January 31, 2011
Upcycled Ballet Flats by Colin Lin

I love the look of these ballet flats.These upcyled shoes are made from Chinese language newspaper that are woven together and then dipped in plastic for durability and weather protection. Each shoe is unique and very chic. This makes for a perfect combination of upcycling and fashion. The style of these shoes also remind me of the totally awesome and rad jelly shoes that I used to wear in the 80s. These are like my grown-up version of jellies. Happy Upcycling, Jill