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How To: Protect Your Garden From Rabbits

I grew up in the country. We once had some escaped cows in our front yard but I don’t ever remember bunnies eating my Mom’s petunias. When I moved to the “big city” with my husband, I planted all of my flowers with care only to have them chomped to the ground by all of the bunnies roaming around our backyard and living under our deck. I have since become wiser and have successfully kept my flowers and vegetables healthy without those pesky rabbits taking bites of all …

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Weekend Link Round-Up May 20, 2011

Wow! Look at this cool tree upcycled from copper wire. Who knew wire could be so elegant? The creator started making them to hang her handmade earring on. Check out her Etsy shop Unique Necks. Check out the step-by-step instructions for making this letter “E” from paint stir sticks. We love this idea. Click on Mamie Janes. Head over to Wonder Strange for a cool tutorial for upcycling candle sticks into unique art pieces.

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How To: Upcycle a Pair of Jeans into a Skirt

Turning an old pair of pants or jeans into a skirt is an easy sewing project. With a sewing machine and very basic skills, you can complete this project. A few months ago, our oldest daughter decided that she was only going to wear skirts and dresses. No more pants for her. I don’t always let our kids follow every whim of form or fashion but she was already wearing mostly skirts or jumpers and was rather convicted. I think we can blame her favorite television show …

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Etsy Feature: Upcycled Skateboards

Where do old skateboards go when they die? If Matt Mercurio has anything to do with it, they receive a new life. He recreates them into colorful jewelry and unique wall art. He was an artist and skater in his younger days while growing up in Orlando,FL. Life happened and for a time he left art and skating behind him. Then in 2006, he followed his family to Portland, Oregon. The community was filled with artists and skaters, igniting a new passion for Matt. Inspired by a few …

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Weekend Link Round-Up May 13,2011

Look at this project from Ruffled It is made from perforated metal. The kind that would cover a radiator. DIY instructions are on their site. Here are easy step-by-step directions for adapting a cart to use for grocery shopping. This cart is designed to go back and forth to the market and eliminate the need for any bags. Great idea! Click here. Turn your pants into a bowl? That’s right! Check out this tutorial from our new friends at Kanelstrand organic living. Make yours this weekend!