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Want to try your own upcycle projects? On this page, you will find ideas for all sorts of creative DIY project ideas. Every week, our editors scour the Internet, as well as the ideas submitted by our readers, and we post the most unique and interesting projects here. Some articles are simple “idea starters” and others come complete with step-by-step instructions. We hope these upcycle ideas will inspire you to try them yourself, or spin them into new ideas of your own!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011
How To: Make Seed Bombs

Welcome back guest writter Nikki Fotheringham of Guerilla Gnomes! Seed bombs are the staple of the guerrilla gardener’s arsenal. The seeds are encased in a hard ball of clay and potting soil that helps them to germinate. The seed bombs can be tossed into any bare patch of dirt and are especially effective in the city. Here seed bombs can be planted in the space around city trees on roofs, in pots or even cracks in the pavement. Just add water and Kabloom! You can put any kind of …

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011
How To: Make a Light Bulb Vase

(Editor’s note: Today we would like to welcome guest writer and fellow upcycler Nikki Fotheringham of Guerilla Gnomes. Thank you for this great tutorial Nikki!) It was time to replace my incandescent light bulbs. I reluctantly substituted them for their curly pigtailed compatriots. I can’t explain my reluctance. I know how much energy we would save if everyone made the change and I support the government’s phasing out of incandescent, but somehow I had become attached. They’ve been with me since I can remember. They kept the …

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Monday, October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween

Have a fun, safe, and green Halloween! Check out one of our upcycled Halloween decorations. Our good friends delivered this skelton made from milk jugs. It is upcycled and recyclable. Love it!

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Monday, August 8, 2011
How To: Make an Upcycled Dress

Our friend Sachiko from Tea Rose Home has put together a clear step-by-step tutorial for making this adorable dress. She upcycles 5 soft kitchen towels to create this comfortable summer dress for her daughter. Her tutorial can be used with the towels or you could use the same tutorial to upcycle other pieces of fabric like sheets or adult clothing. The tutorial includes step-by-step pictures and complete directions. Make one for summer and another with heavier fabric for cooler weather. Click here for the tutorial.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011
Upcycle Old Brick

My father-in-law is also a fan of the upcycled. Several years ago, he rescued a huge pile of bricks from a building being torn down in our small hometown. (This was with permission of course). He has used them all over their landscape. He has used them mostly as garden and sidewalk borders but he has also built a few walls and steps with them. This is how my husband used some of them at our house. This is one of my favorite things about the front …